This teacher information is published to help you to prepare yourself, informing the pupils and the leader, and be able to answer some of the pupil’s questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The responsibility at Soleggen Fjellstue is shared between the Rudolf Steinerskolen i Oslo (Hovseter) and the camp school employees.


Contact: Soleggen Fjellstue,
N- 2686 Lom
Telephone: 0047 61 21 10 02 Mobile: Martin Engdal: 0047 48347512

Homepage: www.soleggen.no
E-mail address: soleggenfjellstue@gmail.com

As it usually is bad connection in the mountains we recommend you to send us a email and we can call you back.


650 kroner per student per day.
750 kroner per adult per day.

For groups up to 20 students there are 2 teachers for free and groups over 20 there are 3 teachers for free. All adults above this pay normal price.

Book your stay at Soleggen Fjellstue by email to soleggenfjellstue@gmail.com
Booking fee (nonrefundable) for groups fewer than 20 people: 5 000 NOK
Booking fee (nonrefundable) for groups with 20 people or more: 10 000 NOK
The booking fee must be paid as soon as the booking is made. The remainder of the payment must be paid 6 months in advance of the booked dates, and is also nonrefundable. Cancellation must be made at least 6 months in advance, send email with the cancellation to soleggenfjellstue@gmail.com.

ABOUT THE PLACEthe hideaway

Soleggen Fjellstue is situated in beautiful surroundings in the timber line (975 metres above sea level) on the border to the “Jotnenes” empire (Jotunheimen). The camp school lies in a small western valley with the mountain birch wood below and the high mountains which show their glory from the south. The camp school is situated in a mountain area, with varied and well preserved cultural scenery. Passing directly by Soleggen is the old irrigation system on its way to Lom, where it provides a valuable contribution to the irrigation of dry fields. The history about this canal is one of many exciting stories from an area with rich traditions. The camp school consists of a main building and an old log house (Halvorstugu) from the 17th Century. It was moved from the parish some years ago. In this building lives the staff at Soleggen.


A camp school stay has a social pedagogical and environmental pedagogical aim. The most important at Soleggen is not to go on long, tiring tours, but to meet nature and be near the elements. That’s why we most of the time are outdoors. The pupils meet each other in new surroundings and with several new people, something that leads to changes from the role pattern and grouping from the classroom.


To promote well-being, comfort and safety for all it is important that teachers/leaders do a good, positive impression; that we create a good atmosphere for a pleasant stay. For that purpose is it important that the teachers are told in advance about our routines.

THE ARRIVALScreen Shot 2015-01-04 at 22.44.45

We prefer that you arrive Monday afternoon at about 16.00 so the pupils can unpack, look around in the house and have time for a small assembly before dinner. If there are classes that come from far away, we can make some exceptions. If so, get in touch with Soleggen as soon as possible (this will include an addition to the price). It would be great if you could try to find other solutions such as spending some time in Oslo on your way up. For classes from foreign countries you could stay one night at Rudolf Steinerskolen i Oslo (Hovseter). After the dinner the adults meet to plan the dividing of the duties, discuss the expectations and plan the whole week.


Within the scope of the tour:

  • –  We wish that the teacher/leader is responsible for getting the pupils ready for the tour, and thatunnecessary truancy can be avoided. The permission for one pupil to stay at home will be given after a talk with the camp school leader. If a pupil has sick leave, we must ask an adult to look after him/her at the camp school area.
  • –  We also hope that the teachers/leader have a positive attitude when it comes to helping with the accomplishment of the camp school program if there are activities where more leaders are needed. All alteration in the tour plan on the way happens in agreement with the camp school leader.

Within the scope of indoor activities:

  • –  We wish that you help us so that the pupils meet in time for the meals, the daily meeting and tokeep peace and order (also in the night).
  • –  You have responsibility in the evening assemblies, except Monday and Friday (final celebrationwhere pupils and adults entertain). The aim with the evening assemblies are to come together and reflect over the day, encourage positive social happenings through games, talks, diary-working etc. It is important that you consider the type of social activities which suit your class best, and can give strength to children who feel insecure from home and in close company. It is a good idea to spend some time with your own class when there is more than one class at the same time. Reading aloud can be a way to calm down before bedtime.
  • –  In case of fire alarm are you responsible for gathering and counting the pupils outside. If necessary one of the adults can be asked to be responsible for special tasks concerning the fire- system.
  • –  The pupils have duties in the kitchen with dish-washing, and every day they wash their rooms and common areas. An adult is responsible for managing the tasks.MEALSThe cook at Soleggen is making the dinner. If there are vegetarians or allergists, the cook will do her best to satisfy the different nourishing needs. Enclose the information about special food habits with the room-distribution list.


At Soleggen we wish that the house will be seen as a home for the pupils as long as the camp school stay lasts, with those duties and rights that accompany it. We will send you an overview which rooms you have been allotted before you arrive. When you have received the room-list please return it with names of the pupils, and which of them are staying together.


Ground floor: 7 rooms for 4 persons
First floor: 2 rooms for 3 persons, 4 rooms for 4 persons, 2 rooms for 5 persons
The rooms have a simple standard. In every pupil-room there is a wash-basin. There are toilets at the corridor and showers in the lower ground floor. There are no quilts on the beds, so everybody must have their own sleeping-bag, sheet and pillow case. Put on your own sheet and pillow case once you have arrived. The adults can rent bed-sheets. The teacher’s rooms are equipped with wash-basin, WC and shower. Teachers and parents get single rooms if we have enough rooms left.


In a collective one learns that the time-limits are important to get through the programme for the day, and at least not forget to respect others that have expectations during the activities. The time-limits can be changed dependent of the class-stage. The dinner will be served later after specially long tours or other time-consuming projects out-doors

0730 Wake up

0800 Breakfast (make lunch pack / fill thermos and drinking bottle)

0900 Morning gathering

0930 Cleaning / packing backpacks/roominspection

1000-1100 Trip departure

1700/1800 Dinner

1800 Free time / cleaning / evening gathering /games/competitions

2200 In your rooms

2230 Quiet

NB! Evening assembly with the class may take place before or after the evening meal.


After breakfast at Saturday is washing of the rooms and common areas, after having packed everything and carried it out.


  • Walkman, MP3 and other electronic equipment are not to be used at Soleggen. There is almost no mobile covering at Soleggen.
  • Soleggen has some games that can be used in your spare time, and outside there is room for many creative ideas.
  • The pupils are not aloud to bring their own candy or sodas. We recommend that the teacher bring some to share equally with everyone.


Winter in the mountain, what does it require? Weather and wind, clothing, what kind of equipment must one have in ones sack?

We take a short tour on easy ground; find a fine hill and play with skis on our feet.

  • HOW TO BEHAVE IN THE MOUNTAIN AT WINTER-TIME. Get familiar with the snow’s qualities, the snow’s nature; learn to handle unexpected problems when out for a walk, the good reactions, get a little instruction in first aid.
  • LIVE IN THE SNOW Introduction to different surviving possibilities such as snow cave, wind shield, igloo. After having dined at home, dried shoes and clothes those who want to may experience one night in a snow cave.
    A class tour to a mountain top, a mountain farm; or a different trip in the birch wood, a variety of top-tours, a trip to a ski-hill area.


On foot from Soleggen:

  • DAY OUTING TO MOUNT LÆSHØI – a mountain-ridge (ca.1200 metres above sea level) with a beautiful view towards Lom and Bøverdalen. A circular tour in 5 – 6 hours. On this trip it is possible to take a bath in a tarn, try to climb with ropes, harness, helmets (it is also possible to use a whole day climbing).
  • TOP-TOUR TO MOUNT SÅLEGGI, 1540 metres above sea level. A mountain top with a view to some of Norway’s highest mountain tops. The tour is about 12 km. On our way we will pass Sålell, an old mountain farm hamlet, where the irrigating system which runs all the way down to Lom starts.
  • Walking on a mountain farm path from SOLEGGEN DOWN TO LOM, from the mountains to the bottom of the valley. On our way down there is a path with information about geology, biology, archaeology, bird life, etc. In Lom you can visit the Stone Centre and the Stave Church. Our way back can be by bus or on foot (circular tour). The tour’s length is about 6 km (12 km if walking).
  • Walking (ca. 8 km) down to the bio-dynamic worked FARM NORDIGARD AUKRUST. We explore the herb garden, pick flowers, berries, look at the animals, etc. We return by bus.
  • ORIENTATION in the vicinity of Soleggen. You can be familiar with the ground and the different directions with a map.
  • EVENING/SPENDING THE NIGHT OUTDOORS. We raise a tipi or a shelter, make a fire, grill, make cocoa.

With bus from Soleggen:

  • IMG_0969GROTTO WALKING in marble grottos in Bøverdalen. There are several grottos of different sizes and lengths. For example one can creep through ”Nåløyet” in the spiral grotto.
  • DSC_0602TOP-TOUR TO NORTH-EUROPES HIGHEST MOUNTAIN (2469 metres above sea level), MOUNT GALDHØPIGGEN. The bus takes you from Soleggen to Juvasshytta (1835 metres above sea level) in about 1 1⁄2 hours. From there it is 4 hours walking to the top. On our way to the top, we will cross the snow covered Styggebreen and walk with rope with a leader. The weather ought to be fine on this trip.
  • MOUNTAINEERING and rappelling in a mountain wall 3 km. from the centre of Lom. There you can find many and varied climbing routes on all levels.
  • For those who are INTERESTED IN GEOLOGY we are situated in the middle of the border between gneiss-bedrocktypes and the deep eruptive zone which form the Jotunheimen-area. About 15 km from Lom, after 1⁄2 hour walking, we find a Thulitt quarry. The Thulitt is Norway`s national stone. On your way to Otta (about 1-1 1⁄2 hours driving) there is an old and current soap- stone quarry.You come either with your own bus, which you have here the whole week at Soleggen or you can rent a bus for those trips you want to take. You can call us for further information about the prizes for each tour.